Mid-Century Modern Dresser Build

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Build

So, sometimes I get a client who is absolutely AWESOME! Not that all my clients aren't awesome, but sometimes you get that extra special client that pushes you to try something that you didn't think that you could do. And they give you space in the creative process to just make it! This is one of those pieces.... The Mid-Century Modern Dresser. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned it out, but I did definitely go thru all the feels in the creative process with this one.....

  1. This is AWESOME!

  2. This is tricky?

  3. This stinks.

  4. I stink!

  5. This might be okay?

  6. This is AWESOME!!!

When I get a really big build, I give myself daily pep talks and tell myself "One Step At A Time!". You can't build anything all at once, so make a plan, break it down, and then start executing.

So, that is what I did. It all started with picking out the wood for the drawer fronts. I suggested using Poplar rather than pine or fir, like I normally use. And my client was all for it. And now I am in love with Poplar. The grain! The colors! I picked out one rough sawn board that was 16 feet long and kept the grain in order for the drawer fronts. It was one tall tree and starts at the top left all the way thru to the bottom right! My friend says he sees a whale when looking at it!

For the carcass of the dresser I used birch plywood. I banded the edges with 3/8" inch solid pine and that is what gives what I call the "cat eye" look. It is also proud in the front and the drawers are inset to reveal more of that color. Oh, that color is Bali Bliss by Behr. But I used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint in satin and just had them color match.

For the drawers I used self-closing drawer slides from my local Timber Hardware store. And made the drawer boxes out of pine plywood that I had in stock. The technique that I used for the drawer boxes was one I found on Jay Bates You Tube Channel. Here is a link!

And then finally on the base I used some legs and angled hardware that I found on The Home Depot website. I made a custom apron out of some scrap poplar to hide the feet hardware and give that extra touch. I secured it to the base of the cabinet with some countersunk Spax screws, my favorite!

Thanks for checking out this build! I'd love to hear from you on what you think of it, so contact me!

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Have an AWESOME day!

Sadie Mae

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