DIY Stacked Restoration Hardware Knockoff Dining Table

DIY Stacked Restoration Hardware Knockoff Dining Table

I recently built a knockoff of Restoration Hardware stacked dining table for a client that I thought was really awesome and wanted to share how you could make one for yourself for about $100. So if you are looking for a small, modern, budget friendly, AWESOME dining table keep reading!

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My clients table was small because they were going to be using it in a kitchen nook/booth setting. And when all was said and done it measured 50”L x 34”W. What it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in character. To get started all you are going to need is the following:

RH Knockoff Table Dimensions.png

Step 1:

Cut (5) 1x8x96 pine boards to 54” and trim/rip to clean up the edges to get the boards down to approximately 6 13/16” wide. (I recommend jointing the boards if you have a jointer so you have nice 90 degree joints.) Then glue the boards together for your table top. NOTE: The boards are oversized for the final table top length in case they shift during glue up. Once glue is dry you can trim the ends to final (50”) length and sand to minimum of 120 grit. I also round corners of my table top to give a softer look.

RH Knockoff Table_7469.jpg

Step 2:

Cut 3/4” plywood for base. You will need two (2) pieces at 26”W x 29”H and two (2) pieces at 12”W x 29”H. Once you have pieces you will need to miter the edges of each piece to 45 degrees on the table saw. This will make it so you can’t see the plywood edges on the base when done. Once all four pieces are cut, glue them together using painters tape as clamps and wood glue. NOTE: I recommend gluing 3 sides together first, letting it dry, and then adding the fourth side.

RH Knockoff Table_7345.JPG
RH Knockoff Table_7359.JPG

Step 3:

Rip the leftover of the 1x8x96 boards down to 3”W and cut out ten (10) pieces at 26”L and ten (10) at 13 1/2”L. Attached them to the base starting at the bottom using 1 1/4” 18 ga brad nails and wood glue. NOTE: Save a couple of scraps of the 3” material after ripping to use as a guide for spacing when attaching each row.

RH Knockoff Table_7488.JPG

Step 4:

Wood fill nail holes and sand entire pieces to minimum of 120 grit. Then finish with your desired stain, finish, and or clear coat.

RH Knockoff Table_7582.JPG
RH Knockoff Table_7689.JPG

Step 5:

Attach base to top using z-clips/table top fasteners. I used my biscuit joiner to cut slots on the inside of the table base. If you don’t have a biscuit joiner you could also rip a slot on the inside of the plywood before assembly to hold the fasteners. You want the slot far entire down that when you attach the top it is snug with the base. NOTE: Using the table top fasteners/z-clips allows the table top room to move during seasonal moisture changes.

RH Knockoff Table_7710.JPG
RH Knockoff Table_7720.JPG

And the final step is to set back and admire your work!!! Congratulations on making yourself an awesome new Stacked Restoration Hardware Knockoff Dining Table.

Here is a cut list for your reference:

RH Knockoff Dining Table Cut LIst.png

And a breakdown of costs:

RH Knockoff Table Cost Graphic.png

NOTE: I made my clients table out of Knotty Alder so it was a little more than $100 in materials. I also used Rubio Monocoat in Chocolate as my finish. I love it because it is a stain and sealer all in one step.

RH Knockoff Table_7835.JPG

If you build this modern DIY table I would love to see it, so tag me in your photos!!! Or use the hashtag #BuildingAwesome and I might even share your AWESOME work on Instagram!

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Have an AWESOME day! And keep #BuildingAwesome

Sadie Mae

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