WiLd Wine Bar

WiLd Wine Bar


This post is sponsored by Build Something and Kreg Tool!

I am so excited to share with another piece in my WiLd Collection. This is the Wild Wine Bar!

After a long day it is nice to have a special place that houses all your wine essentials and have a drink.... or two! The Wild Wine Bar can be customized to house all your adult libations, glasses, accessories and be an inviting spot to belly up to.


Every piece in the Wild Collection is built with mostly 2x6's. I designed the collection this way because I believe that everyone deserves awesome furniture in their home. And building out of 2x6's is an affordable way to make sure everyone can.

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The best part is I have partnered with Build Something , Kreg's DIY project plan site, to bring you the free plans! But before you head over check out some of my building tips and process of building this awesome bar!


Tip #1 - Most all of my builds start at my miter station by cutting the pieces to length. And ever since I got the Kreg Precisions Trak and Stops it has made making repeatable cuts a breeze! Highly recommend this for any level of builder.

Tip #2- When putting the legs together make sure that your pocket holes are facing in the direction you won't see them. That way you won't have to fill them in the end.


The pocket holes to attach the top are all on the back side of the pieces. Again this way you won't see them when looking at the piece from the front!

Tip #3 - Having the Kreg Automaxx right-angle clamps give you the extra hand(s) needed when screwing the legs together. I work by myself all the time and wouldn't be able to work without these. The make sure that the two pieces are lined up where they need to be and stay that way when drilling the screws.


Tip #4 - Hiding Pocket Holes.... I was very strategic on where I placed the pocket holes on my side panels. I measured out where the shelves were going to be and put the holes that attach the side panels to the legs there. That way when I installed the shelves, they would cover those pocket holes. just make sure that your shelf pocket hole is set in a little bit from the edge of shelf so it doesn't interfere with the other screw.


Tip #5 - When installing the shelves I used blocks of wood cut to the exact spacing I needed. This ensure that the shelves were spaced correctly and level. I also did this with the piece upside down, that way is was way easier to get the the pocket holes to screw in the pieces.


Once the bar was built I did some touch up sanding..... Oh Tip #6 - I highly recommend that you sand before assembly. Once it is together is is very hard to get into all the nooks and crannies.

For finish I stain the entire piece with Minwax oil-based stain in Weather Oak. I love this stain because it gives you that gray tone that is so popular right now, but also leaves some brown tones. This piece with go with so many different decors! And then finally I sealed the entire piece with my favorite poly in my favorite sheen, Varathane Polyurethane in matte. 


And lastly, I added the X's. Instead of making these I got them from IKEA. Easy to assemble and come in a few different colors. Like Orange!!! The are called Nornas.


Want to build one of your own? Head on over to BuildingSomething.com and get the FREE plans!

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Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions during this build. I am happy to help! It's a big build, but like I always tell myself..... one step at a time and it is easy! Oh, and please tag me in your builds!

Keep #BuildingAwesome and have an AWESOME day!

Sadie Mae

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