How To Make A Buffet  - That Holds A Mini-Fridge

How To Make A Buffet - That Holds A Mini-Fridge

When my client told me that she wanted a buffet (sideboard) that could hold a mini fridge, I knew this was going to be a fun project!  She is transforming her formal living room space into a New Orleans themed pub room. So fun right!?! And then I thought that this would be great build to partner with Kreg and share the plans I designed on their DIY project plan site, so you could make one for yourself! But before you go there let me walk you thru some of the design process and new techniques I used on this build. 

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Mini Fridge Buffet - 1.jpg

This design was so fun and took many shapes before it came to what you see here today! First it was gonna be all stained and made out of pine with drawers and a more rustic look. But then we decided to upgrade the Pub table I am making for them to Knotty Alder and we wanted the buffet to match. But it wasn't in the budget to make the entire buffet out of Knotty Alder, so we decided on a painted pine base with window pane doors and a chunky rustic Knotty Alder top to match! I think it gives it a more Modern Rustic look. Which I absolutely love!!!

I enjoy working thru the design process with my clients. We generally start with a rough idea of the piece they want and then when we add in budget and surrounding decor or look of the space to come up with some fun pieces. It is cool watching how a project idea grows from an idea and keeps getting better until we have the finished piece.  

Okay back to the buffet! And those window pane doors that I love so much! I have never made doors like this before and I have only used glass in a build 1 other time. In the beginning I was having trouble trying to figure out how I was going to attach the pane pieces to the rails and styles of the cabinet doors since they are only 3/4".... but after some research and pondering I finally decided on lap joints. This seemed intimidating at first, but once I had my plan and the dado stack in the table saw it went really smooth!!! I will definitely be using this technique more often. Plus, just using the dado stack still makes me feel cool! haha.

IMG_9823 3.JPG

The window pane doors are gonna look great once my client fills the cabinet up with their liquor collection. Now I just need to figure out how I get an invitation to the opening party!

Here is the only pic I could find showing how I added the feet!

Here is the only pic I could find showing how I added the feet!

Another thing that I did for this build was I added additional feet under the cabinet to hold the added weight of the mini fridge. You wouldn't need to do this if you were using it like a normal buffet. 

Here are a few more photos that I thought might be helpful in you building your own Mini Fridge Buffet.....

Well I am getting super excited to get my clients matching Pub Table complete to match their awesome buffet! And once I do I will definitely be sharing pictures of not only the table, but of both pieces in their new home! 

So are you ready to start building your own Buffet that can hold a mini fridge? If so, here is the link to the FREE plans on And if you do build it I would love love to see it! So please tag me photos if you post to social media or email me a pic! I just might share it!

Oh and if you aren't ready to start building today, PIN IT and save it for later!

This post is sponsored by Kreg Tool & All opinions, pictures, design, and published plans are my own!

Oh and remember..... BUILD Loud, BUILD Wild!

-Sadie Mae



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