Dog Bowl Stand With Storage

Dog Bowl Stand With Storage

Howdy! For #tbt (Throwback Thursday) I am going to start posting about my previous builds. To start with I am going to give you my plans to create your very own 3 Dog Bowl Stand with Storage. This could even be for a small trunk without the holes! My clients were looking for a solution to help keep their dog food and bowls in order in their AWESOME Corona themed patio. I love how this project turned out and think it would be so fun to give some character to your dog bowls. Dog furniture should look good to! Now to put this on the list to make for #AwesomeOscar.

Oh, and if you end up building one I would love to see your version. Please send me a pic or use the hashtag #BuildingAwesome.

It is a pretty simple build with minimal tools. So here goes......


Cut List:

½” Plywood

•   1 @ 16” x 35” (Bottom)

•   2 @ 16” x 10 ½” (Short Sides)

1x2 Pine

•   2 @ 35” (Long Sides)

•   2 @ 14” (Top Supports)

•   1 @ 17 ½” (Top Hinge Anchor)

1x4 Pine

•   6 @ 16” (Short Side Panels)

•   6 @37 ½” (Long Side Panels)

•   5 @ 36” (Top)

•   4 @ 3 ½” (Feet)


•   2 Hinges (Min. 2” any style)

•   1 Handle/Pull (any style)


•   Brad nailer (or go old school with a hammer and nails)

•   Wood glue (affiliate link)

•   Miter saw (or hand saw)

•   Sander (affiliate link)

•   Drill

•   Clamps or Kreg Jig

•   Square

•   Router or Jig Saw

•   Circle Jig for Router


Attach the 16” x 10 ½” plywood pieces to the outside of the bottom plywood piece (16” x35” plywood). I did this by adding wood glue and the 3/4” brad nails to secure. I also used my square to help me line everything up as I was attaching. Once both sides are done the overall width of the piece will be 36” and height will be 10 ½” at this point. Sorry I don't have pics of this stage..... I promise I will take more pics for future plans.

Next attach the two top supports (35” 1x2’s) flush on the inside top of the side pieces. I again attached these using wood glue and 1 ¼” 18 ga brad nails. This will create your box.


Attach cross pieces starting from the top down, so that top is flush in case wood isn't true to size.

Starting from the top and on the ends attach the 16” 1x4’s using wood glue and 1 ¼” 18 ga brad nails. Starting from the top will ensure that they are level and that top will fit at the end. All three should butt up against each other and over the entire side. Sometimes with big box lumber it isn’t milled and doesn’t have perfectly straight sides, just do the best you can to make it work or can sand imperfections, if desired.

Front View

Front View

Then attach the long side pieces (1x4 @ 37 ½”). Since not all big box lumber is exactly the measurements that it is supposed to be I usually don’t cut these piece until I am to this stage to ensure that they are long enough to fit.  Attach these the same as the short ends using wood glue and 1 ¼” 18 ga brad nails starting from the top. Starting from the top with ensure that the top is flush. If the wood isn't exactly perfect it won't even be noticeable if the gap is at the bottom.

Awesome! Now you have a box! Okay, flip it over and add your feet (1x4x 3 ½”) I placed mine directly on the edge of each corner using wood glue and brad nails.

Now to add the top hinge anchor (1x2x17 ½”) end piece to the top of the box. Use wood glue and brad nailer to secure it to on end. This is what you will attach the top hinges to.

Lid Support

Lid Support

Top Assembly: 

There are two ways to create the top panels. I glued my 5 - 1x4x36” pieces together using my ¾” Bessey pipe clamps. I let the glue dry/cure overnight.

If you don’t have clamps you can also drill pocket holes on the back and attach the pieces that way, BUT BEWARE OF SCREW PLACEMENT AND WHERE YOU WILL BE CUTTING BOWL HOLES!!!

Now to cut the holes for the dog bowls!! Layout where you want your holes taking into consideration the lip of the bowl! You don’t want the holes to big. Once have center point, use circle jig and cut holes. *****Make sure the point that you select on the circle jig is half of the diameter that you want the hole to be. Also, I don’t have a plunge router so I have to make several passes with my router changing the depth on it with each pass.*****


If you don't have a router or circle jig, no worries. You can cut your circles with a jig saw. The holes don't have to be perfect, as long as they aren't to big the lip of the bowl will hide the actually outline.

I also added a couple of supports on the inside of the lid. I attached them by using wood glue and 1 1/4" brad nails. They help strength the lid because of the big holes we just cut into it and help keep the lid on straight.

Underneath Lid Supports

Underneath Lid Supports

Now to finish……


Go on and be creative! Have fun with it!

I love the finish that my client was wanting to match their Corona themed room. To get the distressed effect like I did, I didn't sand wood once project is assembled. I painted the entire thing with Behr Dark Navy in a flat finish. Using a flat finish will allow it to easily be sanded later for the distressed look. You can also use chalk paint!

Behr Dark Navy, flat

Behr Dark Navy, flat

I painted before adding hardware. Then I finally sanded the entire piece to 120 grit til I got the desired smoothness. And finally I sprayed the entire piece with a water-based polyurethane for protection. I really like Varathanes polyurethane because it goes on smooth, dries quick, and is easy to clean up.

Once dry add hardware per the instructions that came with your desired hardware.


Ton of room to store dog food, treats, or toys!

You are done! Now give yourself a pat on the back for an AWESOME job!

Thanks for reading this far! I hope you make one for yourself! If you do, please send me a pic or post using the hashtag #BuildingAwesome. I would love to show your build off.

And thanks for being patient with my first ever plans! They will get better!

Printable Plans - 3 Dog Bowl Holder


Happy Building! And as always, Have an AWESOME day!

Sadie Mae


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