Top Builds of 2017

Sometimes I question if doing this business is worth it. The long hours, the wondering where the next job will come from, the not so glamorous wardrobe that I wear all the time, the messy hair/no makeup look..... and then I sit down and review all the things I built in 2017. Yes, yes, yes it was all worth it!!! I can't believe I get to and was able to make so many awesome things!!!!

Shiplap Hall Tree Bench

Since I have started building, which is almost 3 years now, no other project has gotten as much attention and likes as my Shiplap Hall Tree Bench. This was such a fun piece to create and even though it is big, it wasn't that difficult to build. Except moving it around as it got bigger. 

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Build

So, sometimes I get a client who is absolutely AWESOME! Not that all my clients aren't awesome, but sometimes you get that extra special client that pushes you to try something that you didn't think that you could do. And they give you space in the creative process to just make it! This is one of those pieces.... The Mid-Century Modern Dresser. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned it out, but I did definitely go thru all the feels in the creative process with this one.....

The Green Woodworker Podcast Interview

Have you ever heard a recording of your voice? Isn't it so weird?

Well when Donny Carter, an AWESOME woodworker, turner, maker, youtuber, and now podcast host, asks you to be on his new podcast "The Green Woodworker Podcast", you can't pass that up. Well, at least I couldn't. And after I said yes, I was like "What the heck happens on podcasts?". I have only listened to a couple of them before. So, being me, I did my research and listened to all his current podcasts in one sitting! And after I did I was much more relaxed. Donny has ease and charm about him that makes his questions seem like a conversation. And he gives a lot of praise, so who wouldn't want to talk to him!!!

WiLd Wine Bar

Every piece in the Wild Collection is built with mostly 2x6's. I designed the collection this way because I believe that everyone deserves awesome furniture in their home. And building out of 2x6's is an affordable way to make sure everyone can.

Chunky 4x4 Console

Howdy everybody!!!

You'll never guess what I got to do!?! I got to team up with the AWESOME Jen Woodhouse and be the first to build one of her plans! So, what did I get to build..... the Awesome Chunky 4x4 Console. This thing is beefy. It is a piece that will make a statement in any room and will last forever!

Build A Farmhouse Table - The AWESOME Way!

I love making dining tables because it is the piece of furniture that a family is going to use everyday together. They are going to make memories there. So I make my tables sturdy and durable to last a lifetime with the family. I like rustic finishes that only get better with time. One of my favorite builds and best sellers is a farmhouse table. There are so many different ways to build a farmhouse table. You can have straight legs, X legs, or turned legs. My favorite are turned legs for a farmhouse table. They add that perfect amount of curvy goodness to the table. I also like that the legs don't get in the way of the chairs, meaning leg room for everyone!!!

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway!

It isn't everyday that I get to get dressed up and have a photo shoot in the backyard with my puppy (he is almost 3 years old) Oscar! Well, today wasn't that day. I did get semi dressed up and we did take pictures, but it was me taking the photos with my iPhone! It was fun, but had to take a million photos to get a couple of good ones. Oscar gets shy around the camera. So why were we taking photos? To show you my new watch, of course!!! And Oscar approves!

Upcycled Modern Farmhouse Tables

Okay, so as promised another #tbt post!!!! This is actually a post that I started a long time ago and never finished. It has some really good info on refinishing for that distressed farmhouse finish. Hope you enjoy!

I snagged these cool looking tables from a Facebook group that sells things for only $15 each. I loved that they had wood and metal. Two of my favorite things!

Dog Bowl Stand With Storage

Howdy! For #tbt (Throwback Thursday) I am going to start posting about my previous builds. To start with I am going to give you my plans to create your very own 3 Dog Bowl Stand with Storage. This could even be for a small trunk without the holes! My clients were looking for a solution to help keep their dog food and bowls in order in their AWESOME Corona themed patio. I love how this project turned out and think it would be so fun to give some character to your dog bowls. Dog furniture should look good to! Now to put this on the list to make for #AwesomeOscar.

Have Some Old Wood Lying Around?

Have some old wood lying around?

It seems these days we all have been collecting pallets or other wood with the desire to make something awesome. But deciding what to make can sometimes be difficult. My process to solve this problem is just stare!!! Stare at the wood until something comes to me. Sometimes this can feel like a waste of time, but I think of it as the creative journey. And then if nothing comes to me, I just start cutting and then the magic just happens. Or my inspiration comes out of need for my house or for someone else.

Howdy Awesome World!

When I was building my first table several years ago to hide the BBQ supplies on my back porch, I never imagined a day I would be here writing my first blog post. I'm a numbers person for crying out loud!