Frequently asked questions


How to I get a price on a custom piece of furniture? 

It's easy... Fill out the Custom Furniture Inquiry form found here! I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. Thank you for the opportunity!


How long is my quote good for? 

30 days. However you can lock in your rate by giving a 50% deposit. This will also secure you a spot on my build calendar. 


Is my 50% deposit refundable?

Yes, if you cancel within 10 days of the scheduled start date. If you cancel after 10 days, the deposit is nonrefundable. 


Does your quote include delivery? 

No. All prices are quoted with pickup from Tempe, AZ. Delivery is available on some items depending on size and location. Not local? Currently I do not offer shipping on large furniture items. I believe part of what makes my pieces awesome is that you are buying local pieces built from locally sourced materials, which reduces waste and the environmental impact of shipping.


How long do I have to pick up my piece of furniture? 

Due to limited shop space, I ask you to be able to pick up your piece within 3 days of completion. If you cannot do this, please make arrangements with me prior to construction of your custom piece. 


Do you offer a warranty on your products? 

I only offer a warranty on my workmanship. Please keep in mind I am selling real wood pieces that could potentially crack, shrink, or bow in certain areas. This is not common and I take in to consideration wood movement with the ways that I construct each piece. Wood is an organic product and does expand and contract with the seasons and moisture in the air. All wood is unique in graining, knots, and how it takes stain. I believe this is what makes each piece awesome. 


What type of wood do I use? 

Most of my pieces are made from solid pine or fir. But I do offer and love working with hardwoods like poplar, knotty alder, and ash. Depending on the piece use and style, I might recommend a couple different wood types to you in a proposal. 


What cleaning products do you recommend? 

I recommend a mild soap and water for cleaning and a furniture polish without wax for occasionally dusting. I also use Tough and Tender spray from Melaleuca to clean my table on occasion and haven't had any issues. I recommend testing any new product on the bottom side of the table first. 


What is the lead time on orders? 

Lead time is based on my order volume and can vary greatly. But generally lead time is 2-5 weeks. Once I receive your deposit, I will put you on my build schedule and will be able to give you an exact timeframe. 


How many people will seat comfortably at my new table? 

This is a general guide I use: (can vary slightly depending on base style and chairs you are using).                                                                                                                 6ft - 6 people, 7ft - 6-8 people, 8ft - 8-10 people, 9ft - 10-12 people


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