Awesome Designs

Whether you need help with designing a single piece of furniture or need help designing an entire space, I can help!

To be honest, I didn't go to school for design... it is a love that just fell in my lap. I am all about the feel a piece of furniture or a space gives you. Welcoming, warm, crisp, funky, loud, wild, cozy, etc. To me a design should be about creating a space that you feel comfortable in and that shows off some of your personality!

Want my help designing your space? .... check out my services below! 



Consultation: Just need someone to bounce ideas off of or point you in the right direction? Then this service is for you! It includes touring the rooms you want to be decorated or renovated and discussing your needs, wants, vision, budget and design dilemmas. I will then give you some tips and general advice to help you create your AWESOME space. 

Consultations last up to 1 1/2 hrs. 

DIY Design: Need a little more help than just the consultation but still want to do-it-yourself? Then the DIY Design service is for you! It includes everything in a consultation, plus I will create for you your very own Pinterest board. The Pinterest board will include specific recommendations for your space and links on where to purchase them. For example... flooring, paint colors, furniture selections, art pieces, etc. 

Pinterest board will consist of a minimum of 10 pins. 

Full Design: Don't want to worry about organizing the work or purchasing the goods? Then the Full Design service is for you! After the consultation where we find your style and make a game plan I can handle everything start to finish, or assist as needed. 

Fully customizable to fit your design needs. 

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